Frequently Asked Questions


Where are ingredients sourced? Is CleanWell made in the U.S.?

CleanWell products are manufactured in the U.S with ingredients that are sourced worldwide.

Does CleanWell contain any animal products or by-products?

Our products do not contain any animal ingredients, products or by-products. They are vegetarian friendly as well as being certified cruelty free by PETA.

Are CleanWell products gluten free?

While our products do contain hydrolyzed oats, these oats do not contain gluten. However, they are manufactured on shared equipment which may process items containing gluten, so a small amount of gluten could potentially appear in our products.

Do any CleanWell products contain nuts or nut oils?

Our products do not contain any nuts or nut oils. The facilities that process the ingredients for CleanWell do, however, process ingredients for some other companies. While we believe that nuts are not processed at these locations, we are not able to absolutely guarantee that to be the case.


Is it safe for me to use CleanWell products while I am pregnant/nursing?

CleanWell uses only natural, wild crafted thyme in our products, a plant that has been part of the Mediterranean diet for thousands of years with no evidence of toxicity. The Mediterranean diet is, in fact, one of the healthiest diets on the planet. The level of essential oils in CleanWell products is no higher than what you would find with the addition of thyme to your diet if you cooked with it, so it is perfectly safe to use while pregnant or nursing.

Should I be worried if my child puts his hands in his mouth after I spray or wash them with CleanWell personal care products?

It is fine if a child puts his/her hands in their mouth after using CleanWell, as CleanWell is non-toxic.

What should I do if my child swallows or gets CleanWell in his/her eyes?

CleanWell is as gentle as mild soap. If your child somehow manages to drink a quantity of CleanWell soap or hand sanitizer you should give him/her some water. In the unlikely event your child shows signs of distress please contact your physician. For accidental sprays in the eyes, you can flush with cool, clear water. Your child’s reaction in both cases should be similar to a very mild soap.

How do I get a copy of CleanWell’s MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets)?

You’ll find a link to the MSDS sheets on each of Our Product pages on the CleanWell website.

I have/my child has eczema/dermatitis. Will CleanWell products irritate that condition?

CleanWell products are safe for sensitive skin, including eczema and dermatitis. While CleanWell is alcohol-free and hypoallergenic, as with any topical product if you notice any irritation, discontinue use.


How do I know what the expiration date is for my CleanWell personal care product?

All CleanWell products carry an expiration date stamped on them. You will generally find it on the bottom of the soap bottles or stamped on the bottom edge of the sprays and wipes.

My CleanWell product was frozen (or got really hot). Is it still good?

Yes, it’s still good (though we really don’t recommend leaving your CleanWell in extreme heat/cold conditions!). If frozen, you should allow the product to warm slowly at room temperature (do NOT heat in a microwave, etc.).

Do you make unscented versions of your products?

Thyme serves a very important function in making our products work, so the scent cannot be removed. This means there is no way to make CleanWell products unscented.

I’d like to distribute/sell CleanWell. Who do I speak with about that?

Contact us at

I’m interested in CleanWell for my school. How do I get information to share with the teachers/administrators/PTA? What about pricing for schools?

Learn more on our For Schools page by clicking here

I’m interested in CleanWell for my office/business. Who do I speak with about that?

Please email us at

Do you offer private labeling?

At this point in time, we are not offering private labeling of our products. If you’re interested, we’d be happy to suggest products that might lend themselves to you adding a custom sticker or hangtag, etc. for your clients or events. Please email us at

I am interested in working for (or interning with) CleanWell

When we have job openings we typically post them on, so keep an eye out there for jobs at CleanWell.

Is CleanWell a publicly traded company?

CleanWell, LLC is currently a privately held company.

Where can I buy CleanWell products internationally?

CleanWell products are currently only available for sale in the U.S.

I’d like to speak with someone about advertising/PR/media

Please send your inquiry to If we find it to be a good fit for our needs we’ll get back in touch shortly.

Does CleanWell offer free samples or coupons?

We wish we could send out free samples to all the people who contact us about sampling, but at this time we’re not able to meet all the demand. If you want to find out about special offers, new products and other news from us please sign up at AND “like” us on Facebook (where we sponsor product giveaways and sampling opportunities when available!).

Will CleanWell donate products or money for fundraisers?

While we are unable to provide monetary support, we do periodically provide product for special events/fundraisers that align with our corporate goals and mission. Please send an email summarizing your event (name, date & description of the event and attendees as well as what samples and how many you are requesting) to If we find that we are able to support your request we will get back in touch.
Please note: our samples budget is limited, so please try to understand if we can’t give to everyone who asks!

I see that CleanWell is certified cruelty-free. What does this mean?

We do not test on animals and we are PETA certified. PETA has added CleanWell to their list of cruelty-free companies.
You can find the list at

Do you make refills for your products?

At the present time we do not make refills for our hand sanitizers although we do make refills for our hand soaps.

Can I use CleanWell sprays or wipes to clean surfaces like counters, highchairs, toys and pacifiers?

Yes, you can our Botanical Disinfecting Sprays and Wipes, these products are for use on surfaces. Learn more here

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Where can I find CleanWell products?

Check out our new web store!