The Man Who Knows What Clean Really Means


CleanWell Founder and Chief Scientist Dr. Larry Weiss is a widely published physician, scientist, and expert in the chemistry of natural products, infection control and epidemiology (the study of the causes and patterns of illness). After years of working at the intersection of technology, healthcare, and behavior, Dr. Weiss recognized CleanWell as a unique opportunity to prevent illness rather than treat it.

Inspired by the science behind CleanWell, he now works to empower people with information, tools, and products to make better decisions and support a healthy lifestyle.

He is a graduate of Cornell University and Stanford Medical School, and has served as a NIH Fellow, clinician, academic and teacher.  Dr. Weiss is married and is the father of two daughters and two miniature longhair dachshunds. They all wash their hands (and paws) at least five times a day.