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Martha Stewart Living

Pack These 11 Eco-Friendly (and Super Cute) Essentials For Back to School

Kick off the new school year right with supplies that won't break the bank—or Mother Nature. From plantable pencils and beeswax crayons to backpacks made from recycled water bottles, here are a few of our favorite eco-friendly ways to be a class act.

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How This Company Is Turning Itself Around To Deliver 'Clean' Cleaning Products

When Peter Resnick bought CleanWell, he had no CEO experience, and frankly was not looking to be an entrepreneur. Rather, he wanted to invest in a business that was eliminating toxins and chemicals from everyday cleaning products. However, he became an “accidental entrepreneur,” he says, from day one.

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Your Teen

Stuff We Love for Your Teenage Hipster

Jane Parent featured CleanWell Natural Hand Sanitizer Foam in their August back-to-school print issue.

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Cook With 5 Kids

10 New Products to Buy This Summer

Sara Lafountain featured CleanWell hand sanitizer spray in a recent story called “10 New Products to Buy this Summer."

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Money Saving Mom

Natural & Organic Coupons and Deals

Megan featured CleanWell hand sanitizer sprays in a natural & organic product round-up.

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Real Simple

6 Clever Items to Simplify Your Life.

Lauren Phillips featured CleanWell’s hand sanitizer spray in a recent story on ‘6 Clever Items to Simplify Your Life.’

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Christina’s Considerations

Review of Products for Health with Natural Ingredients

Christina Thielst featured CleanWell’s hand sanitizers in a natural product round-up on her blog, twitter, and amazon influencer page.

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15 Cool School Supplies Your Kids Need Before Returning to Class

Holly Corbett featured CleanWell disinfecting hand wipes in a back-to-school feature.

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How CleanWell Started to Make Natural and Healthier Sanitizers Without Triclosan

Cleaning is one of the most dreaded but necessary chores. One cannot escape from it. However, what many people do not realize is that some of the products they use to clean their homes, phones, furniture, bathrooms, and other things with are filled with chemicals that are harmful to one’s health. CleanWell founders Sam, his wife Jen, and his mother Joy, decided to take matters into their own hands and create all-natural cleaning products.

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6 Easy Tricks That Could Keep You From Getting Sick While Traveling

After months of saving, researching, planning, and anticipating, it’s finally time for your vacation. You send your last work email. You set an out of office message. You pack your bags, hit the airport, fly thousands of miles and… Ugggggh! Is that cold you feel coming on?

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Stay Healthy on Your Next Flight

There are typically two types of air travelers ... window seat people and aisle sitters. I've long maintained that the window seat is the best seat on the plane. I like the views. And I know it's somewhat selfish, but hear me out: When you're by the widow, no one bothers you. But the aisle?

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15 Must-Haves to Keep Kids Healthy During the Back-to-School Germfest

Back-to-school is, among many things, a complete and utter germfest. So many tiny hands that don’t always get washed. Countless drippy little noses. And of course, the coughing, sneezing and wiping.

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Kelly's Thoughts on Things

Ideal Natural Disinfectant for Trips to the Gym

When it comes to different matters of the world, we all have our own opinions. Different focuses lead to the development of different products too. Is there anything that comes to mind when you think about a new item? One that could turn out to be your go-to in the long run. Of course, many items and products are going to come to mind at first thought. So it helps to think about what’s needed for different situations.

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Clean Eating Magazine

Green Cleaners

From your home to your hands, these 3 nontoxic products will keep bacteria at bay.

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